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Understand the Body's Current State

Instantly provide patients with an accurate measure of how they're aging and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Cutting edge technologies like Aycoutay appear once in a lifetime and will revolutionize the field of human performance and health optimization.

Dr. Daniel Turner

High Performance Scientist, Red Bull High Performance

No Invasive Tests,
No Long Wait Times

Aycoutay is a painless, non-invasive body scan that can be administered in just a couple of minutes. No more sample collections and lab processing required to understand how well your patients are aging.

Novel Data &

Valuable Insights

Get immediate access to whole-body analytics to help focus action plans and track your patient’s progress over time. Aycoutay allows you to provide highly personalized care by translating the body's electrical signals into practical solutions.

Motivate Patients &
Increase Engagement

Provide patients with the data they need to make impactful lifestyle changes. Measure their biological age and help them track their progress towards long-term health & wellness.

    • Aycoutay's electrophysiology scanner (a general wellness product)  allows you to accurately predict biological age and system specific age by measuring the body's ionic properties.
    • Each month you will be given 50 complimentary scans included in the subscription cost.
    • If you use all of your complimentary scans in a given month, a per-scan fee will be charged for additional measurements (this fee includes the cost of additional electrodes).
    • An initial shipment of medical-grade electrodes will be delivered upon purchase of the device so there are enough on-hand to perform the 50 complimentary scans.
    • Electrodes will be restocked depending on the number of scans that have been performed.
    • Access to the Aycoutay software, patient management portal, health dashboard, biological aging models and system specific insights.
    • We offer a comprehensive support system available 24/7 through email and our support ticket system, ensuring that help is always just a message away.
    • For those who prefer speaking to a support representative, phone support is also available during daytime hours.
  • Nutrition Recommendation Engine

    • AI-generated nutrition recommendations tailored to your body's specific needs.

    • Models trained using high-quality peer-reviewed literature that makes recommendations based on your scan.

    • Optimizes recommendations over time based on scan results.

The Biological Aging Bundle

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