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Biological Age & System Specific Insights, Instantly

Understand how well your patients are aging and areas for improvement, with one quick non-invasive scan.

Elevate your practice by giving patients instant access to insightful aging data and personalized lifestyle recommendations.


Our advanced scanning technology measures the body’s electrophysiological properties to provide an accurate picture of how well you are aging with one quick, non-invasive scan.

Biological age tests can be enlightening, but they have also classically been a time consuming, costly, and difficult process.

Aycoutay aims to make this insightful data more accessible by providing results instantly, for a fraction of the cost.

Electrophysiological Scan

Epigenetic Testing

30 seconds to receive digital results

4-6 weeks to receive lab results 

Measures 7 biological systems

Measures location specific samples

Non-invasive scan using wet electrodes

Invasive test requiring blood or saliva samples

Administer scan, discuss results and develop a plan – all in the same appointment

Take test, wait weeks for results and book a follow-up to discuss a plan

Affordable scan for proactive practitioners

Expensive testing for health conscious patients

One device, as many scans as you need

Purchase inventory of test kits for resale

Industry-leading accuracy 

Industry-leading accuracy


Market Leaders

Biological Age:

The #1 Holistic Health Indicator

Everybody ages differently. While chronological age tracks time since birth,  it does not capture individual variability in aging due to diet, lifestyle, environment, and genetic factors.

Biological age is able to account for all of these factors and reflects their cumulative impact on the body's aging process. It provides an accurate picture of the body's functional state and can be used to track the efficacy of dietary and lifestyle changes over time. 

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