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Provide Powerful Aging Insights

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A New Way to Understand Aging

Electrical signals serve as one of the silent messengers orchestrating intercellular cooperation and communication within every complex organism. While conventional wisdom among health practitioners often perceives the bioelectric system solely as conduits for these signals, recent breakthroughs in scientific research have illuminated a new frontier of understanding.


Far beyond mere conduits, the patterns and intricacies of our body's bioelectric networks offer profound insights into our health, encompassing crucial aspects such as aging and regeneration. Emerging studies have unveiled that these electrical networks harbour unique learnings and memories, distinct from other biological processes like the nervous system and genome [CITATION].

Dr. Dan Turner (High Performance Scientist & Program Manager, Red Bull High Performance) using the research prototype Aycoutay device with Kate Courtney (World Champion Mountain Biker)

Biological Age & System

Specific Insights, Instantly

Aycoutay's innovative technology empowers health practitioners to predict a person's whole-body biological age and receive a comprehensive breakdown across seven major biological systems.


Leveraging a clinical dataset of over 10,000 measurements, Aycoutay’s team of data scientists has developed models providing informative aging insights within just 30 seconds, a significant improvement over the typical six-week timeframe required by most other biological age clocks. 

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Meet Our Executive Team

Our team brings decades of experience in the health, wellness & tech industries. We are driven by the goal of making healthcare more accessible and ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to live a longer, healthier life.

Marc St-Onge


A seasoned health entrepreneur & innovator with multiple exits in the nutrition & supplement industry.

Dimitri Polityko, M.D.


A medical doctor with 30+ years of commercial research in electrophysiology.

Peter Gale


An experienced leader in the development & commercialization of high-growth, technically advanced products.

Alex Ludwig


A veteran IT leader with expertise in complex project management & data security.

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